What is covered under the warranty for Dresselberg products, and for what period?

Dresselberg products are warranted for a period of one year. The warranty covers the clockwork (watch movement, hands and dial, but no other parts, such as the glass or strap.

The warranty does not apply in the case of:

  • Theft or loss;
  • Deliberate damage;
  • Damage as a result of incorrect or careless use;
  • Normal wear or aging of the materials used;
  • The life of the battery is not covered under the warranty.

Also if you or anyone else tries to repair the damage without the permission of Dresselberg, the warranty will be voided. Have you used the product before you requested a warranty or any repair?  Then the shipping costs will be at your expense.

Will Dresselberg offer a replacement product?

As our collection changes all the time, Dresselberg does not offer any replacement products if models are no longer available.

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Read our general terms and conditions for the official and complete text of our warranty and more!