About Dresselberg

“I am Dresselberg. Welcome!”

To think for yourself and have an independent mind does not have anything to do with age, gender, sexual preference or ethnicity. We do not believe in pigeon-holing. We do believe in people making their own choices. By being yourself, you will develop your uniqueness and have respect and sympathy for people who are different. This will be of benefit to the entire society. We are convinced that diversity and exclusivity lead to a better world.

Watches for people with independent minds

Dresselberg does not design products for a specific target group. We know that self-determination will motivate your choice and you will decide what suits you best. Dresselberg focuses on style, quality and character. Dresselberg watches bring beauty to the world around us. If you recognize this desire for perfection, you will feel at home at Dresselberg.

Emphasize your unique personality

Dresselberg are the latest trend in watches with character. Worldwide we release only 1000 watches of each design. As editions are limited, you can be certain to distinguish yourself and convey your own unique personality.

Help Dresselberg support charities

We want to create positive awareness! Time is on our side. Contributing to a beautiful world is more than mere words. Therefore, Dresselberg donates part of their profit to local charities. We believe that you should have a voice in this. When you buy a watch from us, you may propose a charity of your choice. You can do this at checkout. Our selected charities are all local projects with little overhead costs, to ensure that the money is spent in the most effective way. Every time you look at your watch, you will see a beautifully designed timepiece that reminds you of the amazing world around us and the care that this wonderful world deserves. And every time, you will remember that you have helped to care.

Autonomous and independent

As an autonomous and independent company Dresselberg has no ties with any government or other organizations. This means that we can freely select charities.